Learning Expeditions

Corporate Learning Expeditions

Journey through NYC’s innovation ecosystem

We support corporate teams achieving strategic goals, reaching innovation growth targets, and staying one step ahead of industry disruption through tailored learning experiences and innovation tours in the NYC ecosystem.


Our Corporate Learning Expeditions expose corporate leadership teams to the latest trends in innovation through a combination of industry-specific programing,  networking, and visits to New York’s leading innovation hubs.

What to expect


Participants acquire skills and knowledge targeting their unique industries and use cases. Workshop modules and sessions validate each learning and ensure retention of key takeaways.


Participants engage with key stakeholders, business leaders, and startups in their fields of interest during thought-provoking panels,  networking sessions, informal meetings, and excursions.


Participants tour innovation hubs and meet the thought-leaders and startups on the cutting edge of innovation, while enjoying exclusive, insider experiences with emerging technologies.

Areas of Specialization

We run customized Innovation Expeditions for a variety of industries including:

Finance and Banking


Smart Cities

Broadcast and Marketing

Our Process

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ASSESS: Preparation and Program Design

We tailor the program to your unique objectives, featuring the key speakers and experiences that will contribute the greatest insight and value to you.

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PRACTICE: Immersion and Discovery

We curate your Expedition and its associated modules, inspirational panels, networking sessions, and excursions, with a dedicated team of professionals, ensuring a seamless, thought-provoking, educational, and valuable experience.

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We end each day with wrap-up sessions designed to facilitate the real-world application of your newly acquired knowledge within your own work, department, and company.

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