Introducing our Winter 2021 Cohort

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce to you our virtual Winter 2021 Cohort, made up of 8 incredible international startups encompassing a wide array of industries. What these diverse startups have in common is their resilience in the face of adversity, innovation in times of change, and their readiness to enter and scale in the US Market!

baningo (FinTech)

Country: Austria
Funding: Raised $1M and are planning to raise again in Q4 2021.

In one sentence: baningo connects financial institutions to customers and prospects through software solutions that combine digital & analog in an innovative way.

A bit more: baningo GmbH is a fast growing FinTech company with headquarters in Vienna and employees at several locations in Europe. Since the company was founded in 2015, banks and insurance companies throughout the DACH region have been our customers. With an all-in-one solution that includes customer-advisor matching, live chat, and online appointment booking, baningo enables financial institutions to combine their digital presence with personal interaction.

Brytlyt (Data Analytics)

Country: United Kingdom
Funding: Raised $6.5M and are currently raising $5.5M.

In one sentence: Brytlyt is a GPU Database & Analytics platform that is transforming the way businesses are using data with in-platform AI.

A bit more: Brytlyt, founded in 2013, uses its patent-pending software and artificial intelligence (AI), combined with GPUs, to derive insights 1,000 times faster than legacy systems. Its flagship product, the SpotLyt visualisation tool, is designed for a responsive user experience. With faster, clearer visual analysis, customers can interpret their end-users’ behaviour in essential areas such as fraud prevention, attracting and retaining customers, network performance optimisation and risk management, supporting better decision-making and improved outcomes.

ClauseMatch (RegTech)

Country: United Kingdom
Funding: Raised $10M and are currently raising $15M.

In one sentence: ClauseMatch automates policy management and compliance with an easy to use document collaboration platform to help companies to run their business safely.

A bit more: ClauseMatch exists to bring full digital transformation to compliance and legal functions at regulated companies. Our AI-powered smart document collaboration platform enables regulated organizations to comply with their internal corporate governance documentation (policies, standards, procedures, controls). Compliance and risk teams interact with, review and approve centralized policy documents in real-time with a precise audit trail mapping them to regulatory obligations to help ensure compliance. ClauseMatch applies deep understanding of the regulatory lifecycle to standardize and automate processes and workflows across teams, reducing costs, speeding up implementation and demonstrating compliance to regulators.

iCEIBA (FinTech)

Country: United Kingdom
Funding: Currently raising a $3M Seed Round.

In one sentence: iCEIBA operates the Dispute Recovery Platform for commercial claims and litigations to provide advanced cash and take over resolving the disputes & litigations for small and medium businesses.

A bit more: iCEIBA operates **Dispute Recovery Platform** for commercial claims and litigations, utilising intelligent algorithms, blockchain technology, and a network of legal partners for oversight. iCEIBA’s Dispute Recovery Platform provides the ultimate solution for businesses by providing upfront cash and an efficient recovery process, thereby eliminating exposure to cost and risk, common barriers to legal recourse. **Dispute Recovery Platform** is currently providing services in the UK markets and will expand in the US early next year. It aims to help 40m SMB’s losing $800B due to legal costs and unresolved claims every year.

Itilite (Enterprise Tech)

Country: India
Fundraising: Raised $18M Series B. Not actively raising, but are open to speaking with investors.

In one sentence: Itilite helps organizations digitize their business travel and expense management operations to reduce their spending in a way employees love.

A bit more: Itilite is a business travel and expense management platform trusted by over 250+ enterprises, including over 10 Unicorns and many public companies. It digitizes the whole T&E journey from travel approvals and policies, booking, reimbursements, analytics, and audit. Itilite offers the convenience and support which employees want, and the control which companies need. Itilite customers are able to reduce ~30% of their T&E spend through granular policies, real-time data insights, and a unique employee incentives program. With its top of the line traveler safety features, and an expense platform suited for the WFH world, Itilite has doubled its customer base even during the pandemic.

Stryme (Media Tech)

Country: Austria
Funding: Bootstrapped. Not actively raising, but are open to speaking with investors.

In one sentence: Stryme is an innovative video solution that solves the video producer’s problem, caught between the rising costs of video production and getting their message to the world.

A bit more: Stryme is an innovative video solution expert for broadcasters, telecommunication companies, and cable MSOs. Based in Vienna and San Francisco we are known for uncompromising quality and reliable sport, live and news production solutions that simplify, speed up and optimize daily workflows. We are a trusted industry partner and have implemented projects on a global scale for well-known customers since 2005.

Txture (Enterprise Tech)

Country: Austria
Funding: Raised $1.5M and are currently raising $5M.

In one sentence: Txture offers the software platform for managing large-scale cloud transformations and optimizing multi-cloud infrastructures to enable organizations to gain transformation momentum and reduce TCO in order to stay competitive.

A bit more: Txture is an end-to-end cloud transformation software platform. It enables organizations in the entire journey to cloud via readiness assessment, cloud cost estimation, and optimizing multi-cloud environments. It automatically analyses the application landscape and generates the appropriate transformation strategy, taking compliance, cost, business and security into account. This way it reduces transformation costs and risks while increasing speed. Unlike other platforms, Txture factors in the unique compliance requirements of sectors like banking, insurance, utility and automotive and gets more intelligent with every transformation. Together with our consulting partners we not only provide quick cloud transformation results, but also ensure long lasting agility to stay competitive.

VIPO Group (Retail Tech)

Country: France
Funding: Currently raising $400K

In one sentenceVIPO improves the shopping experience and customer engagement by using AI and computer vision to turn your store or e-commerce into a personal shopper.

A bit moreVIPO develops solutions based on AI and computer vision to turn your store or e-commerce into a personal shopper. Their solutions include SizeTool, to help your customers to find the right size, V-Shopper, to provide customized fashion tips to customers, and BI-Store to equip e-commerce stores with customizable BI and data analytics to help them sell more! VIPO also has a strong commitment to sustainability and reducing fabric waste.

As always, there will be various opportunities throughout the program for WEVE mentors, investors, and corporate partners to meet with the startups. To stay in the loop, please join our network platform, Metaprise, or reach out to our Program Manager, Lea Goor, at [email protected].

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