From NUMA New York to WEVE: A letter to our community

To our beloved community,

You are probably wondering who is this WEVE Acceleration, and what happened to NUMA New York? Rest assured, our team, startups, and community aren’t going anywhere!

I’m very excited to formally announce that in July our New York office of NUMA had the opportunity to strike out on our own. We closed a deal that allowed us to acquire the US subsidiary from the parent company in France.

This means a few key things, first, the company is now 100% women-owned. But more importantly, we now have the opportunity to double down and entirely focus on the mission we’ve been building for the past 5 years, supporting global innovators with new market entry. It also means a new look, feel, and brand that will carry us into the future.

Our team chose the name WEVE Acceleration for a few reasons. Our role as an accelerator is to create connections, to weave entrepreneurs into new ecosystems as seamlessly as possible (aren’t I punny?). If written as a contraction, “We’ve” means “We have.” Everything we do is about the collective community and the ecosystem, it’s what we build together, what we have together. A big thank you to our friend and brilliant designer, Justin Kim for working with us to build this new brand.

I also want to say a big thank you to our entire network of startups, mentors, experts, and partners. It’s what we do together with you that has allowed us to continue to build and take this next step with confidence and excitement. I’m hoping you will continue to be with us as WEVE Acceleration.

Finally, the biggest thank you to my team, whose passion and energy have been critical in every phase of this company, there are no humans I would rather be building with.


Frances Simowitz

Chief Executive Officer of WEVE Acceleration

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