Introducing WEVE’s Winter 2022 Cohort

We are proud to present our Winter 2022 Cohort, made up of 5 international startups encompassing industries such as RegTech, Cyber Security, Supply Chain and more! The cohort companies were carefully selected from a pool of over 300 applicants by the WEVE Team and our Selection Committee judges. We wish our cohort the best of success throughout this 10-week journey, and beyond!

A/B Smartly

Company Website:

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Industry: SaaS, Big Data

Fundraising: Fully bootstrapped. Currently raising $4M

In one sentence: Knowledge based experimentation platform for fast paced product and development teams.

A bit more: A platform where multiple teams can run hundreds or thousands of simultaneous experiments without stepping on each other’s toes, with transparency to all stakeholders and full visibility about possible interactions.


Company Website:

Location: London, England

Industry: Cyber Security, Mobile App Security

Capital raised to date: None; Currently raising $8M

In one sentence: Licel helps protect Android, iOS and Java apps and SDKs against static/dynamic attacks, reverse engineering, malware injection and communication interception – we do app and SDK protection for the zero-trust world.  

A bit more: Licel is a mobile app security pioneer. Licel has a suite of trusted app security products for iOS, Android, and Java. They operate in the native / low level between the app and the OS / VM – protecting the spaces platform security alone cannot reach. Licel products are built on data in an ever- changing threat landscape, so they are being reinforced all the time. Licel’s technology is tested, proven, and trusted. We are proud to be recommended by the leading security laboratories and have customers in more than 70 countries. It is worth mentioning that DexProtector, one of Licel’s products, is the first and only solution that is certified and approved by EMVCo (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB, DISCOVER) for protection of payment applications targeting Android and iOS platforms.


Company Website:

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Industry: B2B Metaverse, 3D/AR/VR/XR

Fundraising: Raised $2M; Currently raising $30M

In one sentence: Visually consolidating all management and operative tools for efficiency and actionability in the enterprise metaverse.

A bit more: Thousands of modern day efficiency tools support the organization in churning through the data they generate, but they all fall short in making the recommendations actionable – with industry 4.0 and IOT increasing the noise level. Enter MaxWhere – a stunning visualization platform created to help companies move into the enterprise metaverse and realize the benefits of real, day-to-day use cases. MaxWhere’s visualization platform is designed to integrate with corporate solutions to combine digital twins and the virtual world with the host of systems used for efficient operations, focused management, and stakeholder training. With our open source, fully componentised, easy integration platform, as well as MaxWhere’s deep tech expertise, we help companies move into the enterprise metaverse with ease.


Company Website:

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Industry: RegTech

Capital raised to date: €5.6M

In one sentence: Ondato streamlines KYC and AML-related processes.

A bit more: Ondato provides technological solutions such as: digital identity verification, business customer onboarding, data validation, authentication, and more. These provide the highest standard available of KYC online or offline on-boarding for all businesses and customer types, orchestrated from a single interface. Ondato is turning compliance into a business benefit for its customers, helping to create a better and safer environment for organizations and individuals.


Company Website:

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Industry: Supply Chain, Last-Mile Delivery

Capital raised to date: $355,000; Planning to raise $1M within 6 months

In one sentence:  AI based last-mile platform that unlocks high-quality, on-demand delivery functions for companies of all sizes.

A bit more: We provide enterprises with ‘Amazon-like’ on-demand delivery solutions without them having to deal with the costs associated with ownership. Enterprises are empowered with last-mile delivery ‘from the cloud’, and have full control and transparency within the end-customer post-sales experience from pick up at the warehouse to ‘rate our delivery’ data and branded vans. We provide delivery partners with a freemium model that 1) gives them tracking data; and 2) utilizes their fleet’s full capacity using our network of enterprises who are looking for delivery partners. Our software toolkit includes API integration, enterprise web interface ‘control tower’, delivery partner web interface ‘control tower’, end-customer app, driver app and solver based on AI. Our interfaces enable full transparency and seamless UX, while deep-tech algorithms for real-time optimization to decrease losses in time, speed, money, and, at the end of the day, their carbon footprint.


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